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Invoke Books Dyslexic Friendly 

Helping Dyslexic Children Unscramble the Written Word

  • Many parents don't notice until it's too late to be pro-active.

  • Most children will not even realize that they have the condition until they are                                           already deeply struggling and failing.

  • Thousands of adults are affected by the condition.

  • Dyslexia...

Imagine looking at a the written word and seeing this - THE WONDREFLU WIZRAD OF OZ instead of  - THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ... and not being able to distinguish what is different.

     I'm Richard Devin, the Founder of Invoke Books, a publishing company... and I'm Dyslexic. I've suffered through the difficulties  and embarrassment of attempting to read, spell and solve math problems all my life, due to dyslexia. I was even held back not once... but twice in grammar school as there was no diagnosis for dyslexia at the time, and I just couldn't keep up with the curriculum, which to me was often a jumble of words and numbers.

     The impact that dyslexia has is different for each person suffering from the condition. The core difficulty early on and especially effecting children - is with reading words but the most challenging problems occur as a young adult when more complex language skills are required, such as grammar, understanding textbook material, writing essays and solving math questions.


I Want To Help...


     I want to help children get a head start to overcoming the problems that dyslexia causes ... and I'm hoping that you will too? 


How Can You Help? - Donate to our Generosity Fund:


     Invoke Books, has dedicated an imprint (Invoke Books Dyslexic Friendly) of books in the public domain that will be published, with no charge to the reader*, in both digital and print formats using an exciting new font called "OpenDyslexic**." The goal is to give Dyslexic Friendly books to the parents of children and young adults to encourage and engage them early on to read, all the while empowering them to understand the obstacles associated with being dyslexic. I remember - while in grade school - struggling to read off of the chalk board and fighting back the tears that threaten to flow when the words written in white chalk turned into a jumble of incomprehensible letters. I can only imagine the difference it would have made had I been able to reinforce my reading with OpenDyslexic.

     OpenDyslexic was created to help with the symptoms of dyslexia. See the letters in the Dyslexic Friendly logo above.The letters of the font have heavy weighted bottoms to indicate direction to aid in quickly figure out which part of the letter is down - that aids in recognizing the correct letter, and helps to train and keep the brain from rotating and jumbling the letters. Consistently weighted bottoms also helps reinforce the line of text and the unique shape of each letter helps prevent the confusion of flipping and swapping.

Early Reading Is Fundamental.

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